Премахване на кисти и липоми

Epidermal cysts and lipomas are common benign growths that present as subcutaneous bumps. Although they are usually harmless and do not always require removal, some people wish to have them removed due to discomfort, cosmetic issues, or potential complications.

The process of removing both cysts and lipomas is similar and involves a minor surgical intervention, or “consists of making a small surgical incision”,performed under local anesthesia. Before the procedure, the doctor will clean the area and apply a local anesthetic to numb the surrounding tissue. This will ensure that the patient is comfortable throughout the removal process.

In most cases, removal of cysts and lipomas provides a long-term solution to these benign growths. However, they are likely to reappear, especially if the entire wall of the cyst or lipoma was not completely removed during the procedure.

If the cyst or lipoma regrows, they can be removed again using the same techniques. Regular follow-up visits to a dermatologist can help monitor the condition.

Cyst – treatment

The cyst is a fluid-filled or more dense sac that can develop under the skin. The most common type of cyst is an epidermal cyst, which is formed by an obstruction of the hair follicle. To remove the cyst, the doctor will make a small incision on the area and carefully remove the entire sac, this will help to prevent the cyst from growing again.

In some cases, the doctor may need to destroy the wall of the cyst and remove it in parts. Finally, the incision will be sutured and a dressing will be placed to protect the wound.

Removal of lipomas

A lipoma is a slow-growing lump of fat that forms between the skin and the underlying muscle layer. Although lipomas are harmless, they can sometimes cause discomfort or become too noticeable. To remove the lipoma, the doctor will make a small incision on the lump and carefully separate the lipoma from the surrounding tissue. Once the lipoma is completely removed, the incision will be closed with stitches and a dressing will be applied.

What you will feel after the procedure

After removal of a cyst or lipoma, patients may experience some discomfort, swelling or bruising around the site of surgery. These symptoms are usually mild and can be managed with over-the-counter painkillers. It is essential to keep the area clean and dry and to follow the doctor’s instructions for post-operative care. This will ensure proper wound healing and minimize the risk of infection or complications.