Nail surgery

Nail surgery is a specialized activity that treats nail ingrowth, removes benign and malignant nail tumors, and performs nail biopsies in the diagnosis of certain non-specific lesions.

Ingrown nails are the most common cause of nail surgery, which requires partial or complete removal of the nail, the so-called nail avulsion. Some of the causes of ingrown toenail include improper trimming, wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes or trauma to the nail, which causes it to grow inward. This deformity leads to inflammation of the periorbital tissue and frequent infections, suppuration or bleeding accompanied by severe pain.

Most often ingrown toenails. Their surgical treatment is applied when conventional treatment methods are unsuccessful.


Foot care is essential for the prevention of ingrown toenails. Their cutting should be in a straight line without rounding the edges. Wearing comfortable shoes and keeping feet dry is a must. Seek a specialist at the first sign of pain and swelling around the nail.

The affected finger is numbed with lidocaine. Discomfort and brief pain is felt when the anesthesia is injected. Wait 20 minutes until complete anaesthesia, the action of anaesthesia does not disturb the sensation of touch and pressure. After the manipulation, a sterile, astringent bandage is applied. The duration of the procedure with anesthesia is 40-50 minutes.

Although rare, side effects of anaesthesia such as slow heart rate, low blood pressure, dizziness, headache and extremely rarely an allergic reaction are possible. The effect of anesthesia passed after about 4 -5 hours, after which pain and tightness may be felt. Very rarely there may be bleeding.

It is advisable to take 4 days off for maximum recovery. For the first 2 days after the procedure, the leg should be at rest and elevated on a pillow. If necessary, pain medication is taken. The first dressing change is done 2 days after the manipulation. The dressing should be kept dry and clean. In the presence of sutures, they are removed 7 days after manipulation.