Cyst/keloid injection

The procedure is used when treating keloid scars, cysts, Alopecia areata, and other skin conditions. The medicine (usually a corticosteroid) is injected in the affected area.

This treatment is not used in patients with active tuberculosis and systemic fungal infections, psoriasis, active peptic ulcers, uncontrolled diabetes, cardiovascular failure, hypertension, severe depression, and psychosis.


The procedure is performed at AestheLine Clinic by a qualified dermatologist.

During the procedure, the prescribed medication is injected. Along with it, a painkiller is also administered.

Possible side effects of the procedure are transient pain and swelling at the injection site. Skin atrophy is possible with prolonged therapy.

The treated area should not be wet for 24 hours following the procedure.

Depending on the diagnosis, between 4 and 6 procedures may be needed with a one-month interval between them.