Nail fungus treatment

ClearSteps™ laser therapy is a revolutionary solution used to treat nail fungus.

It’s fast, safe and it doesn’t pose a risk of impeding the liver function usually associated with the standard medication therapy, making it a much better option.

The procedure is performed using a Nd:Yag laser; the focused beam penetrates the entire nail, all the way down to the infected root. The heat emitted from the beam destroys the fungus and its spores. This treatment is suitable for all types of nails, regardless of the fungal infection type.

The procedure is noninvasive, there is no recovery period, and it can be combined with standard treatment with local and systemic antifungals.


It is performed by a dermatologist to make sure everything goes well and observe the patient’s safety. AestheLine Dermatology Clinic uses high-quality equipment by the leading laser manufacturer in the field of dermatology and aesthetics – Fotona®.

Before the procedure, the nails should be clean, and their surface should be free of nail polish or other agents.

The treating physician will use the laser to treat all affected nails and the surrounding skin. During the procedure, the area will gradually start feeling warm to burning hot. Throughout the procedure, a cooling jet of air will be used to ensure the patient’s comfort. The patient wears special protective goggles the entire time.

Treating the big toe’s nail usually takes 2-3 minutes. Treating all toenails usually takes 15-20 minutes.

The procedure is not recommended for pregnant women or people with light sensitivity. You should inform your treating physician if you suffer from diabetic neuropathy.
The procedure is not known to have any side effects. During the first 24 hours, the skin surrounding the treated nails may be red and swollen.

The procedure takes effect at least 3 months following the first procedure; that’s when the healthy nail starts growing back. You may expect full results and to be completely fungus-free in over a year.

Depending on the care and prophylactic measures taken, the laser may cure the infected nails. However, in some cases, the infection can be more stubborn and reinfect them, which would require repeating the treatment.

For best results, it is recommended to have medical pedicure/manicure done before starting the laser treatment.

There is no specific recommended care after the procedure. You can coat the nail with antifungal nail polish or cream immediately afterward.

For best results, it is essential to observe the following prophylactic guidelines: disinfect your shoes with a specialized disinfectant spray or formalin tablets; disinfect your nail clipping tools; iron your socks using a hot iron without steam; use an antifungal cream in the areas between your toes.

It is advisory to deeply clip the affected nails after each procedure.

The treatment consists of four procedures taking place at a 1-week interval. If necessary, you may undergo a second treatment in at least 3 months.