Laser rejuvenation Fotona Frac3

Laser rejuvenation is the most advanced and safest method for facial refreshing, skin smoothing, wrinkle erasing, pore shrinking and acne scar removal.

Fotona Frac3 is a variation of Fotona 4D, which lacks a recovery period and this allows it to be performed during the lunch break, hence the name Lunch time rejuvenation.

This variant of laser rejuvenation is performed with Nd:YAG laser. The laser beam is fractionated, which allows its deep penetration into the tissues without damaging the surface epithelium. The short pulses used in this mode of the laser beam affect small skin imperfections without affecting healthy tissue. At these sites, a photothermal effect is achieved, leading to the release of heat, which is absorbed by the surrounding cells. They respond to this stimulus by synthesizing collagen and elastin fibers, realizing the rejuvenating effect of the procedure.

The face is cleaned and protective goggles are put on. The skin is treated with a laser, which, depending on individual sensitivity, feels different intensities of warming without pain. Each area is treated repeatedly to achieve the optimum effect. The total duration of the procedure for the whole face is up to 30 min. After the procedure, sunscreen is applied.

The procedure is not recommended for active viral and bacterial infections of the face, pregnant women or persons with increased photosensitivity.
A possible side effect may be a very slight redness of the face, which subsides by
several hours.

Optimal effect is observed after a few weeks, and it can be enhanced and longer-term by conducting additional procedures. The result can last for months with proper facial care or a follow-up treatment.

No special care of the face is required, apart from the application of sunscreen. It is recommended to avoid strong sunlight immediately after the procedure.

Depending on the desired result, the procedure can be performed once or repeatedly, at 3-week intervals.