Laser lips – LipLase™

Fotona LipLase is a laser procedure that gives your lips a youthful appearance and added plumpness. It naturally highlights the lip contour without changing any lip proportions. The procedure is suitable for both men and women who would like to add some plumpness and a sensual highlight to their lips.

It does not use needles and is completely painless. It is recommended for people who have a phobia of needles, have had allergic reactions or other side effects from fillers or for those who are just looking for the most natural-looking results.

With LipLase, the lips are treated both on the inside and the outside with two types of lasers. The heat emitted from those lasers stimulates the collagen inside, thickening, smoothing and bringing a natural tone to your lips. The procedure is noninvasive, has no recovery period and poses no risk of bleeding.


Our specially trained and certified treating physicians ensure a successful outcome and the patient’s safety. AestheLine Dermatology Clinic uses high-quality equipment by the leading laser manufacturer in the field of dermatology and aesthetics, Fotona®. You can undergo this treatment at any time during the year.

The procedure has two phases. First, the inner side of the lips is treated with an ablative Er:Yag laser with a fractional mode and a heating non-ablative function. Then, the visible outer part of the lips is treated up to the perimeter surrounding the lip contour. During the second phase, a Nd:Yag laser is used to heat in-depth both the upper and lower lips. The treatment usually lasts around 20 minutes; during that time, you may feel anything from pleasant warmth to slight burning. The patient wears protective goggles throughout the procedure.

LipLase is contraindicated for viral or bacterial skin infections. It is not recommended for pregnant women or people with light sensitivity. During the first procedure, you may feel dryness, stretching or fine peeling of the lips. This lasts for 1-2 days after the procedure.

The best results from this treatment are noticeable after undergoing a scheduled series of 3-4 procedures. The effect is immediately noticeable. Immediately after the procedure, the area is slightly swollen, but the swelling passes within the next 24 hours. After the first procedure, the results last for about a week. Stimulating the body’s natural revitalization processes requires roughly between a month and a month and a half. This is how long it takes for the body to start forming new collagen connections. After the 2nd and 3rd procedure, the results are a lot more durable and may last for up to 3-4 months.

Immediately after the procedure, you may use lipstick or lip balm. If your lips are too dry or stretched, it is recommended to use a restorative lip balm, of SPF 50+ if possible.

The recommended number of procedures is 3 or 4, once a month. To achieve long-term results, it is advisory to repeat the procedure every 3-4 months.