Лазерно премахване на образования

Laser removal of growths is an effective method of removing unwanted growths on the skin. It uses a focused beam of light to destroy the cells that make up the growth without damaging the surrounding tissue. Laser removal is commonly used to remove moles, warts, skin scars and other benign growths.

It is a safe method, with minimal risk of scarring or other complications. However, it is important to choose a qualified and experienced professional to perform the procedure, as improper use of the laser can result in burns or other injuries. With proper care and a properly performed procedure, patients can enjoy smooth and clear skin without worrying about unaesthetic growths.

What benign growths can be removed with a laser

A prior medical consultation is very important to determine if specific skin growths are suitable for laser removal. The intervention is performed by an experienced specialist who has previously assessed the type of formation.

The Er:Yag laser can be used to remove benign skin growths such as papillomas, fibroids, condylomas, warts, chicken pox and xanthelasma. The procedure is short and very popular among patients as it is bloodless and the recovery after it is in most cases quick and uneventful.

How the procedure works

During the intervention, the patient is given local anesthesia to numb the treated area. In case of smaller growths, the removal can be done without anaesthesia. The Er:Yag laser is then directed at the growth and the energy from the beam is absorbed by the cells, causing them to rupture. The procedure usually only takes a few minutes and patients can return to their daily activities immediately afterwards.

What are the advantages of removing skin growths with laser

  • Local anaesthesia, and for smaller growths can be without anaesthesia;
  • No bleeding after the intervention;
  • The surrounding tissues are not damaged as the laser focuses only on the growth itself;
  • The procedure only takes a few minutes;
  • More than one entity may be treated in a single procedure;
  • The risk of scarring is minimal;
  • Reduced risk of wound infection and minimal postoperative edema;

In some cases, laser removal of growths is contraindicated. The procedure is not suitable for pregnancy, epilepsy, general malaise, oncological diseases.

Aestheline Dermatology Clinic works with a high quality Fotona SP Dynamis device from a leading manufacturer of lasers in the field of dermatology and aesthetics. The procedure is performed by a specially trained and certified specialist who monitors the success and safety of the patient throughout the procedure.