4D Laser Rejuvenation

4D Laser Rejuvenation is the most innovative laser therapy for treating the face and neck without recovery period.

The method ensures visible and natural results.

The therapy is particularly suitable for men and women who have contraindication to, or are unwilling to do fillers, Botox, threads, etc., but want to smooth the wrinkles and improve the skin condition  with slight lifting effect.

The procedure uses two types of laser beams that have different effects on the skin – shrinkage of the pores, treatment of redness and skin imperfections, tightening effect in the middle and lower part of the face, smoothing the folds around the nose, mouth and eyes and neck, deep exfoliation and clarification of the skin tone.

4D Laser Rejuvenation is the only therapy that allows treatment of all structural layers of the skin on the face and enables it to reach the deepest by treating the cheek mucosa.

The therapy is painless and does not require a recovery period.


Specially trained and certified therapists guarantee the success of the procedure and its safety for the patient.

Aestheline Dermatology Clinic works with high-quality equipment from leading manufacturer of lasers in dermatology and aesthetics – Fotona®.The therapy can be performed all seasons.

The procedure consists four steps. Depending on the condition of the skin and the desired result, the doctor chooses the most appropriate combination and duration.

As a rule, the entire face (neck) is first treated by a non-ablative fractional laser for collagen stimulation, shrinkage of pores and soothing inflammation.

The duration is approximately 10 minutes, during which a slight burning sensation occurs.

Next step is a deep warming of the skin for a tightening effect. The feeling is pleasant warming.

The third phase is processed inside the mouth and lips to smooth wrinkles around the mouth and nose.

The duration is about 10 minutes and the sensation is intense heating.

Finally a superficial laser peeling on the face (neck) is made.

The procedure lasts for 4-5 minutes, and slight pricking occurs. Throughout the procedure, the patient wears safety glasses.

4D laser rejuvenation is contraindicated for viral or bacterial skin infection.

It is not recommended for pregnant women and people with hypersensitivity to light.

Depending on the individual response of the skin, there may be redness for 2-3 hours.

In the first procedure there may be a feeling of tension and dryness of the skin or fine exfoliation, which lasts 2-3 days after the procedure.

The optimal effect of therapy is observed after series of 3-4 procedures. The effect of the procedure can be seen immediately. After the first procedure, the result is kept for about 2 weeks.

Natural rejuvenation processes require approximately a month or a month and a half for the skin to build new collagen bundles. After the whole treatment the result lasts for a proximally 18 months.

Immediately after the procedure a day cream can be applied.

When drying and stretching the skin, it is recommended to use moisturizing creams containing hyaluronic acid or deep hydrating masks and therapies.

In the summer, it is desirable to use a sunscreen product with SPF 50+.

The recommended number of procedures is 3 or 4, which should be done once a month.

To maintain the result, it is required  to make 1 procedure per year.