Labia tightening

Labia tightening via laser is a revolutionary treatment. It has changed the life and self-esteem of many women around the world. This new method has gained popularity among patients of all ages. It has demonstrated tangible labia tightening results and is increasingly gaining a reputation of being an effective treatment, aimed at improving the patient’s self-esteem and sexual drive. The procedure is performed by the latest generation of Fotona’s ablative Er:Yag lasers. It’s noninvasive and painless, and it has no recovery period.

Studies show that the laser not only tightens the vaginal entrance but also improves the labia’s turgor and color. This further contributes towards a better sensation during coitus after the procedure.


Our specially trained and certified treating physicians ensure a successful outcome and the patient’s safety. AestheLine Dermatology Clinic uses high-quality equipment by the leading laser manufacturer in the field of dermatology and aesthetics, Fotona®.

The treatment consists of two phases. After the consulting appointment, the physician will apply an anesthetic cream on your labia majora and minora. The area is treated using a special laser tip emitting Er:Yag beams. At that time, you may feel slight burning. The second phase uses a Nd:Yag laser to heat the deep tissues. You will feel slight warmth. The procedure lasts between 20 and 30 minutes.

This treatment is contraindicated for pregnant women, during menstruation or in cases of bacterial or viral infection in the area to be treated. The procedure is completely safe and side effects are rare. Depending on your personal response, you may notice lighter or more severe redness immediately after the treatment. This will pass in 2 hours at most. You may notice increased skin sensitivity and slight peeling for several days after the procedure.

The best results from this treatment are observed after a scheduled series of 3-4 procedures. The therapy’s effects become noticeable after the very first procedure. After a full course of treatment, the effect lasts for 6-12 months.

The recommended number of procedures is between 3 and 4, one per month. To maintain the results, it is advisory to undergo another course of treatment in the 6th month. The maintaining procedure is done once a year. Giving birth may further stretch the labia and reduce the treatment’s effect.