Fibroma removal

Fibromas are common benign skin growths. They develop in more advanced age on the back of the neck, the armpits, and on the inner thighs. They look like soft flesh-colored skin tags, sometimes slightly darker. They usually form in clumps and can grow up to several centimeters in diameter, depending on how often they get irritated. When growing in the area of the back of the neck in men, they often get lacerated and bleed during shaving. When large and growing in the eyelid area, they can cause serious discomfort.

The most effective fibroma removal method is via ablative Er:Yag laser. The beam evaporates the growth at its base and gently removes it without leaving a scar.
The fibroma removal laser procedure is painless, and it usually takes around 5 days for the skin to recover.


Specially trained and certified physicians make sure the procedure goes well and observe the patient’s safety. AestheLine Dermatology Clinic uses a high-quality device by the leading laser manufacturer in the field of dermatology and aesthetics, Fotona®.

The procedure is quick and painless; for larger fibromas, we may inject lidocaine as a local anesthetic. During the treatment, you may feel slight burning here and there. At the end of the treatment, the area is treated with a soothing spray or cream.

This treatment is contraindicated for bacterial or viral skin infections. It is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women, and people with light sensitivity. It should be avoided by people who are more prone to developing abnormal scars, keloids or hyperpigmentation.
Immediately after the treatment, the treated areas will be red and swollen. Within 2 days, they will form a scab that falls off within a week.

It is advisable to avoid wetting the treated areas during the first 24 hours after the procedure. You will have to use antibacterial and anti-inflammatory spray for up to 5 days after the treatment. It is advisable to avoid sunlight and use sunscreen for at least 14 days after the treatment.