An accurate diagnosis is based on thoroughly consulting a dermatologist, and using precise diagnostics if necessary.

The initial appointment lasts at least 30 minutes. During that time, you should inform the physician of any details related to your condition. You need to provide information on the condition’s onset, development, treatment (if any), any influencing factors (change of seasons, medication, food, etc.), and any family members suffering from the same condition.

The physician will examine the skin/mucous membranes and if they deem it necessary, they will assign additional testing.

After diagnosing you, they will prepare a treatment and follow-up plan.

If necessary, they will schedule a secondary appointment which will last at least 15 minutes. The goal of this appointment is to monitor the assigned treatment’s effect and manage the therapy’s proper implementation. Should the physician deem it necessary and if the treatment causes any side effects, they will assign supporting therapy, or discontinue or change the current therapy’s dosage.

Bring your medical documentation from the initial appointment and the results from any assigned tests.

Diagnostics and treatment of