Inserting earrings

The insertion of first earrings is a medical procedure that is routine but should not be neglected. Ear piercing is something of a ritual that is met with excitement regardless of age or sequence. Many people wait for the day of Annunciation to give a new start to beauty and diversity, others prefer to plan the placement of earrings, according to their calendar of important dates. Regardless of attitudes and popularity, let’s clarify what the procedure is and how it works.

At the Esteline Clinic, the earring procedure is performed by an experienced specialist. With us it includes:

  • Manipulation for ear drilling with the American Studex® System 75™. It is possible to drill both ears at the same time, with two guns.
  • A pair of earrings from the Studex® collection.
  • Antibacterial gel for home care

We rely on 100% sterility when performing the procedure.
As before any other procedure, the client completes an informed consent. This is followed by a consultation where you can ask questions and get guidance from the doctor. Usually, during the conversation, it is discussed how many holes the client wants, what their placement should be and which model of earrings he chooses.

The location of the holes is marked with a specially designed marker. If the procedure is performed on a young child, the child’s emotional state is taken into account and, if necessary, waited until the child becomes predisposed.

The dermatologist works all the time with sterile gloves, disinfects the ear and adjusts the device. This is an American device – Studex® System 75™. It consists of an ear piercing gun (a second gun is also available for simultaneous piercing of both ears) with an individual sterile container in which one sealed earring is placed. The earrings are hypoallergenic, nickel-safe, toxic-free.

Each attachment is opened in front of the client immediately before manipulation. The hands of the specialist do not touch any of the parts that are in direct contact with the ear. After adjusting the device, the ear is pierced instantly. Finally, an antiseptic gel is applied.

It is normal for the area to be red or slightly swollen after the procedure. Usually this discomfort passes within 1-2 hours. And the basic care at home consists in the following:

  • During the first 24 hours the holes should not be wet.
  • Before caring for the dimples at home, the hands are washed necessarily.
  • If discharge from the holes appears, it is gently cleaned with a cotton swab or earplug, then a drop of the antiseptic gel provided by us is applied. The antiseptic gel is used every day for 2 weeks, twice a day.
  • While the gel is being applied with gentle movements, each earring should be gently moved back and forth to allow the dimple to form.
  • If you play sports, keep your knuckles dry. After the workout, rinse them with clean water, dry and apply the antiseptic gel.
  • Holes should not come into contact with soap, hairspray, shampoo and other products used in daily life. If this happens, rinse with water.
  • It is very important that the clasp of each earring is not tightly fitted to the ear. There should always be a little distance for the ear to “breathe”.
  • After a period of 6 weeks, the earrings are removed, cleaned and can be put back on the ear or replaced with others.