Collagen Stimulating Therapy with Vacuum SPM

SPM Vacuum Therapy is designed to solve problems that are difficult to respond to using cosmetics only. The procedure gives excellent results in the elimination of swelling and puffiness. The under-eye bags, as well as the wrinkles and loose skin of the face and neck, are subject to the procedure used for this purpose by a specially designed vacuum machine.

The SPM uses negative pressure and, with the help of glass suction cups, through specific massage techniques for lymphatic drainage, effectively achieves a visible rejuvenating effect on the face and neck. The nozzles have a size that allows the treatment of difficult to reach curves of the face. To enhance the effect, a gel is applied, rich in active ingredients, which improve drainage and tightness of tissues.


SPM is a holistic method that combines different techniques and methods for optimal outcome in one therapy. In Aestheline Dermatology clinic the procedure is performed by an experienced medical cosmetician who is personally tailored to the specific needs of the clients.

The procedure consists of four phases. The first stage activates the function of the lymph vessels in the neck. The next phase is a slow and pleasant lymphatic drainage of the entire face. Extremely effective is in the face and swollen eyelids. The third step is called “activation.” It aims to activate blood circulation and prepare for tissue regeneration processes. The final stage of the procedure is known as “tightening”, which enhances cell division into the skin and the formation of fibroblasts and new collagen.

Therapy is not used for inflammation in the trained area, skin changes, unhealed scars.

The side effect is a transient redness that goes up to 30 minutes after the procedure.

With each subsequent procedure, the skin becomes firmer and improves its elasticity. How long the effect will be maintained is an individual issue that needs to be discussed with the healthcare professional to choose an appropriate maintenance program.

There is no specific care after the procedure, only the appropriate home care cosmetics are specified with the specialist.

For an optimal outcome, the recommended course is 10 procedures. The interval between procedures is 2-3 days, and at least once a week it is necessary to do a procedure.