Manual face cleaning

The classic cleaning procedure takes care of removing airborne dirt, excess sebum and makeup remnants in women, exfoliating (removing dead cells from the surface of the epidermis) as well as cleaning clogged pores and comedones (black points) and milii (mini cysts, mostly around the eyes).

A large percentage of facial skin problems, including acne and enlarged pores, are the result of untreated or improperly cleaned skin. That’s why the cosmetic procedure “Face Cleaning” is recommended for every woman and man for every type of skin and every age.

The frequency and intensity of cleaning affects the texture, elasticity and skin health. The goal – clean, healthy and luminous skin, with even tan and no comedones – is achieved with ease with regular care!


Positive results of the procedure and the absence of undesirable side effects are guaranteed by the specialist’s skills and technique. It is therefore highly recommended that the cleaning be carried out by a medical cosmetician.

The classic manual cleaning of the face is a procedure in several consecutive steps: steam bath (parasolator), manual extraction of comedones and clogged pores, darsonalization for the purpose of disinfecting the skin and its faster recovery, healing massage “Poselov-Jacques” , which helps to soothe the skin and reduce lubrication and a soothing mask. At the finish, products are applied according to skin type and sunscreen.

The products used for cleaning are the Medik8 medical cosmetic brand.

The effect occurs immediately after the procedure.

There may be slight redness, but after a short period of tranquility, the skin is clean, smooth and healthy.

The duration of the effect is individual and depends on subsequent home care.

It is recommended several hours after the procedure to avoid long stays outside (especially in polluted urban environments), exposure to intense sun and solarium, indoor training and swimming.

Use the visit to your medical cosmetician to consult on the most suitable laundry products to use at home.

Oily, acne and combined skin need cleaning at least once a month to feel healthy and toned. In the summer season cleaning can be done twice a month, because the viscosity of the sebum changes, giving a feeling of oily skin.

For dry and aging skin it is advisable to clean every 1-2 months, focusing mainly on removing “dead” cells to achieve a radiant and beautiful skin appearance. With multiple comedones, it is advisable to gradually clear them in several procedures within 1-2 weeks.