Eyebrow Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation is a procedure in which a pigment is implanted in the skin that is completely safe for it, purified from nickel, heavy metals and alcohol. A very fine and thin needle penetrates the color between the two layers of skin – epidermis and derma. Depending on the depth of operation, the durability of the effect is determined. Micropigmentation is synonymous with permanent makeup, but it differs from the old fashion, where makeup looks like a deep tattoo on the skin.

The main purposes of the procedure are to correct asymmetry and to give harmony. The areas that are doing are eyes, eyebrows, oral and paramedical micropigmentation of the chest area, scarring, pigmentation of depigmented body parts.

At the Esteline clinic we offer eyebrow micropigmentation. The effects that are achieved are eyebrow restoration in their original form if they are very thin, short or rare; lifting effect, visual highlighting and visual expression; correction of asymmetrical brows, color or shape. A completely natural look of the eyebrows is made by drawing hairs according to natural growth, as well as filling with a light-shadowlike imitation of eyebrow pencil.


The procedure is done with “equipment for micropigmentation GOLDENEYE” – a world leader in the field thanks to their high levels of hygiene, safety and security, and quality of individual training they offer.

Micro-pigmentation is a procedure in which a pigment is implanted in the skin through a very fine and thin needle. Before starting the procedure is done a long consultation with a specialist, which determines the color of the eyebrows and their form consistent with the rules for sizing eyebrows to the client. During the procedure is used a surface anesthesia to reduce discomfort.

The procedure is contraindicated for irritated and injured skin in the area, also for skin, bacterial, fungal or viral diseases in the area. It is contraindicated for pregnancy, tumor formations, conducting chemotherapy. The procedure is impossible to do if an allergy to pigments is detected.
Immediately after the procedure there will be swelling and redness, which, with proper care, calms down. It is very likely that the skin will be infected and the color may fade if the micropigmentation recommendations during the healing period are not followed.

Normally after retouch, with proper skin care, fixed color to maintain its intensity a year to a year and a half.

What is the recommended care after the procedure?

In the first two days: Wipe the treated area with cosmetic pads soaked in boiled, distilled or micellar water over every hour!
Between the third and seventh day, apply a specialized cosmetic for pigmented skin – SOS healing serum.
Avoid contact with water like pools or sauna; do not rub, do not apply aggressive cosmetic products (scrub); do not use makeup on the treated area; avoid contamination by touching the treated area; no sunbathing, solarium tanning and autobronzant.

After a month and a half to two months after the first procedure is needed to make a retouch, which is included in the original price. After 12-18 months, it is recommended to make a consultation with your specialist to see the color verification and to fix a date for a new refreshing procedure.