Radiofrequency lifting Exilis

The Exilis procedure is among the most innovative and safe therapies for rejuvenating the face, tightening the skin and shaping the facial contours.

The therapy has won numerous prestigious aesthetic awards and is one of the most popular among men and women who want to tighten the skin.

The effect is due to controlled heating by specific radio frequency waves on the deep layers of the skin to a temperature of about 43 ° C. Maintaining the temperature for several minutes leads to biostimulation and formation of new collagen networks and immediate tightening of existing collagen fibers. This activates the skin’s own ability to regenerate, which naturally delivers the desired results: wrinkle removal, visible skin tightening and a completely refreshed appearance.

The therapy gives excellent results when tightening a double chin, loose lids and smoothing the bags under the eyes.


Specially trained and certified therapists guarantee the success of the procedure and its safety for the patient.

Aestheline Dermatology Clinic works with high-quality equipment from the leading aesthetics manufacturer BTL Aesthetics®.

Depending on the condition of the skin and the desired result, the therapist selects the most suitable treatment areas (not more than 6) .

The procedure starts with face cleansing and ultrasonic gel application. Using a special applicator, the therapist circles the selected area. The patient feels gradually increasing heat. Feeling must not be intolerable, so it is important to have a continuous patient-therapist feedback.

The treatment of one zone lasts between 10-15 minutes.

Depending on the number of zones the treatment lasts 20-60 minutes.

Inform the therapist if you have pacemaker or metal implants.

The therapy is contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding patients, as well as in patients with a bacterial or viral infection, in the area to be treated.

The Exilis procedure is safe and side effects are rare. Immediately after therapy, depending on the individual skin reaction, there is redness, which lasts up to 2 hours. A few days after the procedure, an increased sensitivity of the skin to cosmetic products may occur. Very rarely, there may be single zones of flushing and swelling.

The optimal effect of therapy is observed with the planned series of 4-6 procedures. The formation of collagen is a slow process, so the results of therapy can be seen 6-8 weeks after it. The effect of the procedure lasts between 6-12 months, depending on the subsequent skin care.

There is no specific recommended care. Immediately after the procedure a day cream can be applied. It is recommended to use a sunscreen product.

The recommended number of procedures is between 4 and 6, once every week.

To maintain the result, it is desirable to repeat the next procedure after 4 months. Maintenance procedures are done once or twice a year.