Cosmetic treatments with Skeyndor products

Skindor is a brand of high-end Spanish, professional cosmetics that was established as a family company in 1966 near Barcelona, Spain. In its 50 years of history, the brand has become synonymous with high quality, innovation and the latest technology not only in Spain, where it has held the number one sales position for the last few years, but also worldwide.

Skindor is a favourite brand of many world stars, including the Spanish royal family.

Scandor defends its results and positions with an uncompromising attitude to product quality, following and capturing the latest global trends in the field of cosmetology, which it directly incorporates into the production process through its own R&D center.

The practice of the medical aestheticians at the Esteline Clinic proves the beneficial influence of several treatments suitable for skins with different needs. Our team of medical aesthetician and dermatologist will guide you to the best option for you.

This treatment is the perfect detox option for delicate and sensitive skin to refresh and deep cleanse it preventatively. It combines in a precise sequence several products from the series, each of which interacts with the others and builds on the result achieved.

Cleansing milk removes all impurities and make-up residues and soothes the skin. The product first cleanses, then hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and preparing it for the application of ERM Osmoclean Micellar Water. This product preserves the natural balance of the skin and protects the hydrolipid layer.

Gentle pore cleansing cream is the next important step of a fine and precise cleansing. It is applied with a special massage ritual and absorbs impurities localized deep in the pores. An indication of its effectiveness is its thickening in the process of massage.

The brightening mask with smoothing effect has a 2-in-1 action – both exfoliant and mask. Evens, lightens and smooths skin texture.

The cell water spray, which has the strength of a serum, reactivates cell viability as it is analogous to the naturally available water in the skin. It is applied repeatedly within the therapy.

A peeling gel with a high content of AHA acids is also applied to help remove dead cells from the stratum corneum.

The finishing cream nourishes the skin and “seals” the effect of its deeply cleansed texture.

In addition to uniquely cleansing the skin with Osmoclean, the Osmopeel treatment refines skin texture with its special peeling mask. The skin is revitalized and oxygenated, ready to absorb the active ingredients of subsequent products and enhance their action. The therapy is for everyone who needs a deep cleansing and smoothing of the surface relief. The gentle cleansing cream penetrates deep into the pores and absorbs impurities. The skin is left clean and radiant.

The brightening and smoothing mask has a double action – as an exfoliant and a mask. Removes excess sebum and eliminates imperfections. The sagging and greyish complexion of the skin is eliminated. The hydrating cell cream combines all the benefits of cell water. It improves the vitality of cells, optimizes the exchange between them and contributes to the preservation of youthful skin. Provides intense hydration.

Suitable for women who want more radiance. Clients who prefer a light peel to give them a “new skin” effect. For dehydrated and dry skin.

For the procedure is necessary skin preparation with Osmoclean and Osmopeel

The therapy involves a combination of three forms of hyaluronic acid that act at all levels in the epidermis. Deep hydration is achieved, smoothing wrinkles, improving skin elasticity and smoothness.

The gentle peeling with citric acid restores the skin’s radiance.

Therapy Intensive hyaluronic is extremely suitable as a complementary care to aesthetic corrections – hyaluronic fillers, botox

Spirulina is a blue micro-algae that has existed on earth for over 3 million years. It contains over 220 nutrients vital to the function of the cell and the body as a whole. It enhances vitality and radiance at any age. The serum combats lifeless skin, lack of radiance, signs of fatigue and acts as an intensive therapy between seasons. The result is instantly radiant, firmer, smoother and rested skin with a richer colour – visibly nourished and revitalised. Esthederm uses these exceptional properties of spirulina to revitalize, nourish and regenerate, providing intensive care to tired and lifeless skin.

For the procedure is necessary skin preparation with Osmoclean and Osmopeel

Intensive skin care with serum and mask.

Lift & Repair Eye Patches.

Facial massage and final intensive spirulina cream.

Propolis is a mix of resinous substances collected by bees and has remarkable purifying, antiseptic and soothing properties. Acts as a therapy against imperfections. Purifies the skin and normalizes sebum production. It unclogs pores and brightens the complexion. Relieves and soothes facial redness. Esthederm’s active products from this series have a synergistic action and solve the problem of red, irritated and weather-impacted skin.

For the procedure you need to prepare the skin with Osmoclean and Osmopeel.

Treat in depth with intensive propolis serum and intensive propolis mask.

Lift & Repair Eye Patches.

Facial massage and final Intensive propolis cream