Anti-cellulite treatments

Cellulite is a condition in which the skin has an unaesthetic rough appearance. Usually affects the buttocks and buttocks, but can also occur in other areas.
The cause of cellulite is due to genetic, hormonal and a number of external lifestyle factors.

Cellulite is known by a variety of names, but “orange skin” describes it visually most accurately. It occurs in both women and men, but in ladies it is a significantly more common phenomenon, which is due to the different structure of fat depots and weakness of connective tissue. Studies suggest that between 80 and 90% of women may face the problem at some point in their lives.

Experts believe that cellulite is much more than an aesthetic problem because it leads to an overall change of the skin (thinning of the epidermis, deformation of collagen and elastin, increase in fat cells and distention of fat depots), impaired blood circulation and squeezing of blood vessels.

There are several main forms of cellulite: soft (characteristic of old age), hard (in young people with preserved muscle tone), edematous (or watery – in young women who have hormonal problems or take contraceptives) and mixed type.

Its treatment requires a complex approach and a serious commitment, as its reappearance is very likely if the patient’s diet and exercise regime are not permanently corrected.


The specialists in body treatments of the Esteline Dermatology Clinic develop an individual program for each patient, combining in the right sequence apparatus treatments, mesotherapy and massages tailored to the type of cellulite.

Combined with anti-cellulite gels and oils, this massage improves the condition of the skin and subcutaneous fat tissue, which contributes to the correction of the figure.

Massage movements accelerate blood circulation, spread swelling, increase the temperature in the massaged area and activate metabolism in fat depots. The effect of the massage has the ultimate goal of “softening” the connective tissue, “crushing” the fat cells, breaking down fat deposits and smoothing the “orange” skin.

Suction Pump Massage (SPM) is a proven effective method for body contouring. The therapy is zonal – the abdomen, thighs, limbs or chest are treated in a specific way.
The procedure is particularly effective in cases where the aim is to treat cellulite, local treatment of fat deposits and volume reduction in the treated areas and improve elasticity, tightening and smoothing of the skin.
For the procedure, a high-tech device is used – a vacuum with controlled negative pressure. Various massage techniques are applied using special glass suction cups. Thus, within one procedure, four successive phases are passed through, the result of which significantly exceeds the effect of all known anti-cellulite therapies.

Mesocare is a highly effective therapy for the treatment of loose skin, stretch marks and local fat deposits.
In the procedure, biofunctional serums penetrate deep into the skin with the help of electroporation.
The electro-cutter uses direct (straight) current with an intensity of up to 2 milliamperes (mA) and a different pulse shape. Its conduction leads to the opening of microchannels in the cell, through which active substances from sera such as carnitine, liposomes and creatine pass.
The procedure is painless, quick and without unpleasant sensation.

The BTL Exilis Elite body sculpting treatment combines radiofrequency and ultrasound to tighten loose skin and break down fat deposits.
The body applicator used in the procedure has exceptional power, reaching into the fat tissue to a depth (4-5 cm) and causing its heating, which leads to the natural self-destruction of fat cells. In addition, Exilis induces remodeling of existing collagen and synthesis of new. Thanks to this effect, in addition to circumference reduction, skin tightening is also observed. When treating the body, the duration of the procedure and the strength of the effect are determined by the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer.