Plasmolifting PRP

Procedure in which pretreated concentrate from your own blood plasma rich in platelets (PRP – platelet rich plasma) is injected into varying depths at selected areas of the skin. Known under different names – plasmolift, plasmоtherapy, „vampire“ lifting – the method has entered aesthetic medicine over the past few years, but has been used since the 1980s to treat chronic trauma, in severe heart and abdominal surgery.

The therapy achieves a drastic rejuvenating result thanks to the ability of our own body to self-regenerate. Platelets in our blood have an important function to stimulate the creation of new cells and thus restore all skin structures, including blood vessels, connective tissue, hair follicles and other tissues.

The secret of the striking rejuvenating effect of the procedure lies in the ability of our own body to recover itself – platelets in our blood have an important function to stimulate the growing of new cells and thus restore and regenerate damaged blood vessels, epithelial, connective, muscle, nerve and other tissues.

The plasma is extracted from the patient’s venous blood by centrifugation. The resulting platelet concentrate, rich in nutrients, vitamins, hormones and proteins, is injected back into areas of the skin where revitalizing action is needed. Plasmolifting is a proven scientific method to improve skin elasticity and strength and strengthen the vessels. It is extremely effective both for wrinkle, dark circles under the eyes and scars removal, and for delaying skin aging processes. The results of patients with chronic hair loss are amazing which makes it preffered procedure by men.


The safety and effectiveness of the procedure is ensured by a specialist. The procedure in Aestheline Clinic is performed by a dermatologist using the technology and materials of the leading manufacturer of Regenlab® regenerative medical products.

Our trained and certified to work with the product dermatologist, will prepare you for the procedure and follow strictly established clinical protocol.

With a special tube, approximately 8 ml of the patient’s blood is taken intravenously. It is centrifuged in order to obtain highly concentrated, high-platelet plasma. The prepared organic product is injected with the technique of mesotherapy in the desired areas of the skin.

Therapy is not recommended for patients with high cholesterol and those with low platelet counts.

Plasmolifting is not suitable for patients with impaired blood clotting, severe infections, chronic liver diseases, and anticoagulant therapy.

Possible redness and swelling in the injection sites – disappear after a few hours. Dehydrated and thin skins are more susceptible to minor injuries from the manipulation, such as hematoma or bruising at the places of pricking. These undesirable side effects disappear completely within a week.

Therapy is performed to stimulate tissue regeneration and the formation of new collagen and as a result rejuvenates the skin by smoothing lines and wrinkles or improving the appearance of the scar.

This can be best achieved by at least three consecutive monthly procedures. A month after the first procedure, an improvement in the skin is observed, which becomes more and more visible after each subsequent procedure.

A few days before and after treatment, patients should not take any products containing acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin, etc.).

2-3 hours after the procedure the pricking areas should not be damped or polluted.

One procedure per month is recommended for a period of at least 3 consecutive months.

After the treatment is over it is required to repeat the procedure in 6-8 months.