Individual aesthetic plan

What is an individual aesthetic plan?

It summarizes and synchronizes the vision of the client and the doctor to achieve optimal results. Finds the realistic tangents between dreamed and possible change.

Individuality is our starting point. When the client shares his needs and desires, we analyze them in the context of his personal potential and develop them into a plan with clear steps and fully achievable goals. We present a comprehensive professional approach with a responsible attitude and respect for uniqueness.

Why an individual aesthetic plan is an important start?

You have probably looked in the mirror many times and told yourself that you need a change, but have not taken the necessary action or have wandered among the abundance of opportunities and promises.

Finding the right options requires a high level of aesthetic medical expertise. It will take you to the depth of the interconnections and processes taking place in the body. Only in this way can you explain why, for example, for seemingly similar weather scars in different patients, an experienced specialist recommends completely different approaches. Why the texture and features of the skin are a factor in choosing one manipulation over another, for example mesoconcs over fillers for facelifts. Or what is the alternative to an injection procedure for you if you can’t bear the thought of pricks.

The benefit of having a personal aesthetic plan is the ability to understand your own body’s needs through the lens of expertise. Making sure that the mix of aesthetic services you choose would work for you.

The fact that we are all so different is a real richness. Diversity is the greatest beauty, and the opportunity to bring it to its full potential is entirely our privilege. Let us do it for you.

How to prepare an individual aesthetic plan?

The plan is prepared on the basis of consultation and measurement of aesthetic indicators. It takes about 60 minutes and goes through the following stages:

  1. We clarify the reason for the desired change and the need for it
  2. We assess the anatomy, proportions, skin condition
  3. We explain relationships, processes and features – hidden areas, vectors, volumes
  4. We outline a set of methods necessary to achieve a long-lasting, comprehensive aesthetic result
  5. We create objective conditions for informed choice and follow-up, maintenance and upgrading

After a conversation like this, in addition to an individual plan, clients leave with a clear idea of what they want and how it can be achieved.

Price: 120 BGN.

For an individual aesthetic consultation, book an appointment on 02 405 8000.