Everyday poses various challenges that burden not only our body but also our psyche. Massages are the universal means of restoring and pampering the body and relaxing our tense consciousness.

Aestheline’s experienced therapists will offer the most appropriate massage for your specific needs. The options are numerous, so together you can make your unique program – a combination of different massage techniques for individual zones and beneficial mix of flavors and essential oils.


Aestheline Dermatology clinic offers its clients a wide choice of restorative, healing and sports massages, manual lymphatic drainage, reflexology, aromatherapy and aromatherapy. The selected massage can be full (50-60 min) or partial (20-30 min), according to individual needs.

Traditional massage, ideal for “acquaintance” with the therapist.

With this procedure, you get relaxation, muscle contraction and fatigue removal. The areas being treated are back, legs, arms and shoulders.

The full classical massage lasts 60 minutes, while the partial are the backs, neck, shoulders – every 20 minutes.

The medical massage performed by a specialist-physiotherapist in special conditions affects the overall condition of the body. Based on the correct and precise dosage, appropriate techniques and professional attitude, the feeling of pain and discomfort in different parts of the body is eliminated.

The full healing massage lasts 60 minutes and the partial massage is 30 minutes.

Combined with anti-cellulite gels and oleas, this massage improves the condition of the skin and subcutaneous fat, which helps correcting the figure. Massage movements accelerate blood circulation, swell fluctuations, increase the temperature in the massaged area, and activate metabolism in fat stores. The effect of massaging has the ultimate goal of “softening” connective tissue, “crushing” fat cells, destroying fat deposits and smoothing out “orange” skin.

Duration – 50 minutes of full anti-cellulite massage and 25 minutes of partial massage.

Powerful, vigorous massage with a deep work of large muscle groups – back, legs, hands, sports massage is also known as “deep-weave”. Its application to athletes is aimed at fully training the body for intense workloads, as well as eliminating unpleasant or start-up conditions. Ideal method before or after physical exercise. It reduces tension in the muscles, strengthens blood circulation and tone the whole body.

Duration – 50 minutes.

Light relaxing full body massage with specific treatment of the reflective areas of the feet and specific points on the head. The lavender and mint oils used result in complete relief from stress and deep relaxation of the whole body.

Duration – 60 minutes.

The 60-minute aroma massage is a real pleasure for the senses.

The options are varied, and the choice – really tough:

  • Bamboo and Lotus – the skin becomes soft and velvety, thanks to extracts from the two Asian wonders that give a unique relaxing strength to the body. The soothing massage with bamboo and lotus restores harmony in the body and purifies it from toxins, restoring the proper functioning of the whole body. This massage is suitable for people suffering from exhaustion, who suffer from stress and restraint from constant computer work. The relaxing massage improves blood circulation where the body is maximized. The skin absorbs all the nourishing and moisturizing ingredients hidden in the oil, which has a draining function, so the toxins are discarded as well as the excess fat. Bamboo and lotus extracts have the ability to retain moisture in the cells, so the skin of the body is deeply hydrated. Massage also has an antioxidant function as the ingredients eliminate free radicals.
  • Green Tea– an entire body massage that awakes the senses, refreshes and revitalizes the skin. The green tea content tones and vitamins C and E prevent aging and have antioxidant and regenerative effects on the skin.
  • Lomi-Lomi– The traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is complemented by magical essences of nature – the mono butter, coconut oil and ylang-ylang. The result is a gentle and soothing massage of the whole body.
  • Sicilian Citrus – the used massage oil is a citrus-flavored vitamin cocktail from Sicily. It has a fresh, toning, antioxidant, nourishing, regenerating, draining and rejuvenating effect on the skin. Contains sunflower, sweet almond, mandarin, orange and lemon oils as well as extracts from wild carrot, turmeric, rosemary, fat-soluble (stabilized) Vitamin C. The ideal daytime massage!
  • Tribal hammam – the valuable argan massage oil and the secrets of the Moroccan hamam are perfectly matched in this special massage. True relaxation for the whole body and skin. Ideal for dry and dehydrated skin. Argan oil stimulates cell renewal in depth, actively hydrates and softens the skin, makes it visibly fresher and radiant.

An ancient Chinese method that restores the whole body by reflex points massage designed on the feet or palms.

Duration of the procedure – 30 min.

The exotic flavors of Tiara Gardenia – a symbol of Tahiti Island, sandalwood, orange flower oil, lavender, rosemary, honeysuckles, are the wealth of specially selected aromatic mixes for body and spirit balance. Aromatherapy hydrates in depth and protects the skin from aggressive external factors. The unique combination of manual massage, the vitality of essential oils and exotic aromas regain energy and awaken emotions in the senses.