Radiesse: another name for spring

After the cold days of winter, spring reminds us that blooming beauty is the most natural acquisition of this season. The awakening of the skin, of course, begins with a careful dose of the sun’s rays, but to recover from dehydration, avitaminosis and stress in winter, some fresh care is needed.

Even in their late twenties, women begin to discover the first signs of skin that is difficult to recover from climate changes. The radiant appearance is increasingly affected by insufficient sleep time, stress, and the wind and cold further complicate our task of being beautiful and with a relaxed vision.

With a view to these first reflections from the meeting with the mirror, we offer a quick, effective and lasting opportunity for change, with an immediately visible result.

The name of spring

Aesthelie Clinic gives the green light to leading practices in the field of modern therapies for a natural and healthy look of the skin. One of the long-established methods for erasing the first signs of sagging, especially after winter, is the Radiesse collagen-stimulating filler placement therapy.

Radiesse is among the injection therapies that leave no noticeable marks such as excess volume and at the same time achieve a maximum refreshing effect on the skin. Thus, in less than an hour, you will get an optimal result that will accompany you for at least a year and a half.

What can Radiesse actually do?

The method is based on the possibility of deeply nourishing the skin and awakening and stimulating its vitality through a precisely derived formula of ingredients as close as possible to the natural ones produced in our body and biodegradable.

In its composition, this filler contains calcium microspheres that participate in the construction of our teeth and bones. Getting into the skin, they provoke the cells to form collagen.

With it you can correct sunken cheeks and temples, shape the cheekbones or emphasize and sculpt the chin. The lower part of the face is also in focus – with Radiesse collagen-stimulating filler, the lower jaw line can be sculpted, as well as wrinkles on the neck can be smoothed out. The filler is also suitable for rejuvenating the hands, as blood vessels and tendons become more visible with age.

Radiesse in AestheLine

The aesthetic procedure of applying Radiesse collagen-stimulating filler is completely safe. In order for you to feel calm and comfortable, immediately before it, our specialists will anesthetize the areas that will be treated. Then, for maximum precision, they will be drawn. Depending on the chosen area, the technique of the procedure will be different. Accordingly, a needle or cannula will be used.

Conversations with your aesthetic therapist during the procedure are highly recommended! In practice, we like to explain in detail each of the steps and ensure maximum information to each client.

And last but not least – we will recommend the ideal proportion for your specific face, we will comply with your wishes and we will choose your personal proportion.