”MIRROR MIRROR” acne therapy

When your skin is inflamed and covered with acne, socializing becomes a challenge. With patience and the targeted effect of this combination therapy, you can have the comfort and joy of healthy skin again. Acne cannot be erased by snapping your fingers. It requires regular, attentive care. Naturally, a healthy lifestyle is a prerequisite to achieving better results. Seeing your smile reflected in the mirror also helps.

The entire therapy will also be adapted to your specific dermatological and aesthetic needs. This procedure is suitable for patients with mild to moderate acne. Your dermatologist may prescribe you home care products and/or medication so you can achieve long-term results.

The benefits of a combined approach

We can successfully influence inflamed, acne-ridden skin by using some carefully selected methods. Combining the right therapies can help calm your skin, removing unnecessary oil production and dead cell buildup, returning its healthy function and elasticity. Using lasers in aesthetic acne therapies is beneficial helps achieve noticeable results. The laser has a strong antibacterial and calming effect, resulting in suppressing the inflammation in your skin.

What does the Mirror, Mirror package include?

This advanced therapy is a sequence of well-known procedures which have been adapted to achieve the necessary duration, intensity, and saturation to achieve both aesthetic and remedial results:

HydraFacial cleansing. Physically cleaning the clogged and inflamed pores prepares your skin for the subsequent in-depth treatment. This is the first step towards achieving more comprehensive and long-term results.

IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light). This step of the comprehensive advanced therapy engages your skin using light in different spectrums, aiming to induce a photochemical reaction and beneficial bioactive processes. The light, guided using special filters, is converted into heat, stimulating the metabolic and rejuvenation processes in the skin, also regulating the oil glands’ function.

Chemical peeling. This is a special acne treatment product that is used to remove different epidermal layers. As a fully controlled process, the product “blisters” the skin with high precision, and is tailored to its specific condition. This treatment renews the epidermal cells and indirectly stimulates collagen regeneration, visible tightening, pore constriction, and clearing of your complexion. It is suitable for mild to moderate acne.

This therapy begins with a dermatological consultation with Ivan Peev, MD.

Total duration of the Mirror, Mirror advanced therapy: 90 mins

Price: 220 BGN