Semi-permanent makeup – micropigmentation or microblading?

Eyebrow thickening is an aesthetic procedure in growing demand. This trend is a fact due to the widely popular “hair by hair” technique, which achieves a result very close to natural. Among the types of procedures most in demand are microblading and micropigmentation, and I often have to explain what exactly they are. The effect of both is noticeable and in favor of the overall aesthetic appearance of the face. The differences are mostly in terms of tonality and the way the skin is treated when applying the pigment.


Drawing hairs into the contours of the eyebrows with the manual method of microblading is quite a popular Japanese technique. By scratching the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin), pigment is introduced, writing out each hair. Here it is important to mention that the specialist must be highly qualified, because it is possible to introduce the pigment deeper than necessary, which will cause the hair to “spill” in depth and it will not look as fine and delicate as expects

The procedure is not recommended for people with thin and easily wounded skin, as well as for people with oily skin, because the effect will be short-term. With normal skin, the effect of the procedure lasts for about half a year, and a gradual lightening is subsequently noticed.


Micropigmentation is associated by some with an ombre effect/lightening of the eyebrows, which looks like a gentle filling and highlighting of the eyebrow with a pencil. In addition, however, a hair-by-hair technique can be done, the end result of which is the same as in microblading. The difference is in the technique of performing the procedure.

In micropigmentation, the pigment is introduced into the skin again at a surface level, but through a machine with a single fine nano needle. Light and quick punctures are made, thus minimizing skin injuries. Whether to draw hairs or fill in the eyebrows depends on the preferences and characteristics of each client. Techniques are often combined according to the characteristics of the eyebrows.

The procedure is also suitable for oily skin, because this method involves working in depth, and the effect lasts about a year to a year and a half. This is also the technique I chose to work on after going through specialized, individual training. At the AestheLine clinic, the procedure is performed with GOLDENEYE micropigmentation equipment – a world leader in the field, thanks to its high levels of hygiene, safety and security.

What we need to know

If you have decided that you want semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, it is important to choose a specialist who maintains high levels of sterility and hygiene, and also uses quality products and pigments. In this case, expect a long-lasting effect from both techniques. Before proceeding with a specific procedure, however, consultation with the specialist is mandatory.

After you do the first procedure, within the next two months you will have to come back for a touch-up, which is included in the initial price. The second procedure is mandatory because there will be places where the pigment is not so saturated and with retouching the color will be distributed evenly. It is possible to make a slight correction of the color or shape in the second procedure.

Free consultation at Aestheline

In order to respond to the specific wishes of each client and provide opportunities to achieve a maximum natural effect, at the AestheLine clinic we offer a free consultation so that you can get a clearer idea of how the eyebrows will look. They will be sized and drawn with the appropriate color in the shape that best suits your face, and I will accommodate your preferences. The consultation lasts about an hour, in order to determine exactly what you want and then rest assured that you will like the end result.

If I haven’t been able to answer all your questions about the procedure, come for a free consultation. It will be my pleasure to meet you and to be able to help you highlight your beauty!

Author: medical beautician Stella Georgieva