Luch time rejuvenation (Genesis)

The laser rejuvenation is the newest and safest method for facial refreshing, wrinkle removal and pore shrinkage. Usually, this is a procedure that combines laser beams of different types and intensities and takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Keeping that in mind, the newest laser work protocols give the opportunity to achieve those results within 30 minutes. This variation lacks the recovery period and allows it to be done within the lunch break, from where comes its name: Lunch time rejuvenation.

This type of laser rejuvenation uses Nd:YAG laser. The laser beam is being fractioned, which provides deep tissue penetration, without damaging the superficial epithelial cells. The short impulses of energy, that are used in this type of rejuvenation , target the minor imperfections, leaving the healthy tissue unharmed. These problematic spots absorb the light emission, providing photothermal effect that dissipates heat in the surrounding structures. This stimulates the cells in the dermis to produce collagen and elastin, which gives the procedure its rejuvenating effect.

The face is being cleaned and safety glasses are put. The skin is treated with laser, which depending on the individual sensitivity, is felt like warmth of different intensity, without pain. Each zone is treated several times for achieving optimal effect. The total duration of the procedure for the whole face is no more than 30 minutes. After the procedure sunscreen is put.

The procedure is not recommended for the pregnant and nursing  and if active viral and/or bacterial infections on the face are present. Possible side effect could be slight facial redness, which resolves within few hours.

The optimal effect is being observed after a few weeks and can be improved and prolonged with the completion of additional procedures. With proper skin care or additional rejuvenation, the achieved result could be kept for months.

Apart from using sunscreen, no special care for the face is needed. Keeping away from strong direct sunlight immediately  after the procedure is recommended.

Depending on the desired  result, the lunch time rejuvenation can be done single or multiple times, keeping 3 weeks interval between each procedure.