Interesting cases from practice: Laser treatment of rosacea

Dr. Ivan Peev,
Dermatologist and Medical Manager
Aesthelin Clinic

Rosacea is not a widely known disease, but it is nevertheless a big problem because it significantly affects the quality of life, similar to acne. The disease is often underestimated because its initial symptoms are not something that people pay much attention to, and therefore do not take preventive measures, allowing the disease to worsen. But what is Rosacea?

Rosacea is also called “the disease of the Celts” because it is characteristic of people with fair skin and hair. The disease is characterized by chronic inflammation of the skin of the face. Redness is observed most often on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin, which is the result of dilated skin vessels, the so-called broken capillaries. As the disease progresses, inflammation in the form of purulent pimples and cysts is very often observed.

What are the complaints?

  1. First stage – short-term redness on the skin of the nose, cheeks, and sometimes on the whole face or on the neck and shoulders in connection with various emotions – anger, shame and with every change from warm to cold and vice versa. In addition to redness, swelling of these parts may occur. Over time, the redness persists, becomes permanent and more intense.
  2. Second stage – bright red nodules appear on the already reddened skin, some of which have a pus-like tip, similar to acne.
  3. Third stage – is characteristic of men. Enlargement of the sebaceous glands of the nose, in the form of nodules of different sizes. Connective tissue grows and as a result the nose becomes enlarged and deformed.

As you can see, the disease is not pleasant, and if you have similar symptoms, you should immediately consult your dermatologist to take quick measures for its relief and treatment.

What is the technology?

In most cases, the treatment of rosacea is complex, it is determined by the nature of your skin, complaints and stage of the disease. In many cases, it is necessary to take medicines in addition to cosmetics. Unfortunately, the treatment is long and often not effective enough. As an alternative, in recent years, laser technologies have also become widely used.

How is laser treatment superior to other methods?

  • Removes dilated capillaries. There is no cosmetic or drug that can
  • Laser rays suppress inflammation. An alternative to antibiotic treatment and retinoid preparations
  • It heals the skin and reduces flare-upsShapes the deformed nose
  • Оформя деформираният нос
In our clinic, we use the Nd:Yag laser to treat varicose veins and inflammation. The technology is from Fotona and is particularly effective for such ailments.

лечение на розацея

For maximum effective results, 3 to 4 procedures are required, one per month.

During the procedure, slight stings are felt. A jet of cold air is used to minimize unpleasant sensations.

Лечение розацея

What to expect after the procedure?

Redness and slight swelling are noticeable after the procedure. Epithelializing cream and sunscreen are applied.

Within the next 1-2 hours, the redness gradually subsides, but the swelling may last 1-2 days. Thicker treated capillaries may turn gray, then disappear within a week. Smaller capillaries disappear immediately.

In the next few days, it is mandatory to pay attention to the sun protection of the face and use a sun protection cream with a factor of 50+. For this reason, winter is the most appropriate time to carry out such treatment.

I’m sure those of you who have similar symptoms and illness will probably have many additional questions that are not addressed in such a small article, but you can always make an appointment for an examination to determine your condition and types of treatment that to relieve your illness.

розацея лечение резултати