Hollywood peel

Carbon peeling is the leading aesthetic procedure that provides instant glow to the face. This type of peel is frequently used by the movie stars before the events on the red carpet and that’s the reason it is also called Hollywood peel. Apart from the immediate effect of radiant glow after the procedure, the carbon peel also has a long term benefits on the face- shrinking enlarged pores, reducing the finest wrinkles, ameliorating existing acne, providing overall tightness.

For the Hollywood peel a state of the art Q-switched Nd:YAG laser is used, which evaporates the applied carbon paste on the face.

The carbon peel has a deep cleansing and bactericidal effect which deliver the satisfying end result of the procedure. Other advantages are the almost non-existent downtime and short duration- no more than 40 minutes are needed to complete the therapy. Afterwards, no special care for the face is needed.

First, the face is being cleaned, then a special carbon paste is applied on it. Protective glasses are put. The face is being treated with the laser, which evaporates the carbon. During this, a slight tingling or warmth to the skin may be felt, which is minimized by the cold air, which comes from the laser. Upon completing, the face is completely clean and shining and no further cleaning, washing or cosmetics are needed.

Since the carbon feel is the most forgiving laser procedure, there are virtually no contraindications and side effects. Only slight redness on the treated area may be noticed, which goes away by itself in a few hours at most.

The effects of the carbon peeling are immediate . For best results of the long term benefits, this procedure should be performed regularly. The face keeps its glow for a few days, and if appropriate care is taken , other effects could persist for months.

As said above, there is no special care needed. Bright sunlight should be avoided if possible for the first few hours and sun protection could be used.

The carbon peel could be performed unlimited amount of times, with a few days between each procedure.