Hen thorn – what is it and how to cure it?

How many of you have had hen thorn?

I hope you haven’t experienced it, it’s really unpleasant.
I tried to find out where his name came from, but I couldn’t read any amazing story to impress you with,
so probably its name comes from the resemblance to a chicken’s claw.

Imagine getting a toenail like that stuck in your foot, actually better not to imagine it.
Some patients have told me that with folk medicine they managed to get it out of their leg and it actually looked like a horn with roots. But let me put the myths and legends aside. In fact, few people know that hen thorn is a viral wart, but don’t think that it is transmitted by infected chickens. The virus that is to blame is called human papillomavirus (HPV). The same one responsible for both genital warts and flat warts, and much of these unpleasant growths.

If it’s not the hens, how does it get infected?

The people! They are the only carriers of the virus, it spreads mainly through contact. It’s not highly contagious, so not everyone gets it, and there are more than 100 types of HPV, but only a few cause chicken pox. Still, if you have cracked heels or sores on your feet, or you’ve been in the water for a long time and then walk barefoot around pools or in the locker room, the chance of getting infected is high. For that, put on your flip flops. Why pools? – the virus likes moist and warm places. However, keep in mind that if you have a strong immunity against this virus, you will not get infected no matter how long you walk barefoot. So don’t be surprised that some people never develop it.

Better early than late

Кокоши трънPain! This is the surest sign that you probably already have hen thorn. The pain is felt on pressure when walking and when standing. A wart does not always necessarily appear on the foot, sometimes it is on the tip of the toes and between the toes. The fingers can also get infected, then there is no pain, but the warts cannot be missed. Do not wait for it, it almost never disappears by itself, on the contrary, it grows and new ones are more likely to appear in the neighborhood. The longer you tolerate it, the deeper it grows, infects new cells, and the more difficult it is to treat.

Tomato peels or sulfuric acid?

Think of the wart as a mass of infected cells that form blood vessels from which it feeds. If you look more closely, the center often looks darker, precisely because of these vessels. There are two ways to destroy it: to remove it completely, or to cut off the blood supply. I’ve heard all kinds of stories, from harmless propolis application to aggressive use of sharp objects and acids. Fortunately, the majority of people start with lighter procedures, such as applying stickers from a TV commercial. I will focus on the two most effective methods that I use in my practice. Burning with liquid nitrogen or laser. The first aims to exfoliate the wart layer by layer and destroy the vessels by means of local freezing at -190°C. Described in this way, it sounds terrible, but in practice, during the therapy, a medium-strong, dull pain is felt, which gradually subsides within 10-15 minutes. 2-3 days after the treatment, a subcutaneous blister may form and a part of the wart may peel off. The disadvantages of this method are that the depth and strength of the frost cannot be controlled (NB: there is no risk of complications). It should be used with caution in limbs with impaired blood supply and diabetes. It is a relatively slow method, sometimes more than 5 treatments are needed. The pros are that it is a cheap treatment and with a little persistence and patience the cure is 100%. The idea behind laser therapy is to attack the blood supply to the viral wart, causing the wart to “dry up” and be rejected by the skin within 30-40 days. The procedure lasts less than a minute, the pain is instantaneous and lasts seconds. In most cases, with one procedure, the wart disappears. The downside of the therapy is that you have to be patient and wait a month, a month and a half until the last trace of the hen thorn disappears.
So dear friends don’t forget to put the flip flops in your bag!

Кокоши трън      Кокоши трън терапия

Before                                                                               he1 month after laser therapy