Green toning

Green toning is the newest and safest laser procedure for evening out skin tone. The name comes from its unique effect on the skin providing natural look, unachievable by other means. Besides evening out the tone, this procedure can be used to treat skin pigmentations of various intensity, including melasma.

The skin lightening effect is achieved by Nd:YAG laser in Q-Switch mode, that targets the pigment deposits in the skin. Usually those are big molecules that cannot be eliminated by the organism itself. The energy from the laser splits the big particles into many micro fragments, which are then processed by the body’s natural cleaning mechanisms. This leads to uniform pigment spreading across the skin, evening out the tan.

Because of the little amount of energy, focused in the superficial epithelium, there is virtually no downtime, and the side effects are limited to face redness that resolves in a few hours.

The face is carefully cleaned. Anesthetic is not required. Protective glasses are put and the selected areas are treated with the laser. Slight tingling and warmth to the skin may be felt, countered by the ice cold air, coming from the cooling devise. The duration of the procedure is no more than 30 minutes. Soothing crème is applied to the skin when the toning is complete.

This procedure should be avoided if active viral or bacterial infections are present on the skin. After the laser toning, skin redness appears, which resolves in a few hours. Very rarely, areas of darker or whiter skin called hyper- and hypopigmentations may appear, but they are expected to even out with the rest of the tan in a few weeks.

The effect could be seen right after the very first procedure, but the best result is seen after a few therapies. The results from the procedure last from months to years, depending on the care applied to the skin and the reactivity of the organism.

For the first hours after the procedure, direct sunlight must be avoided and sun protection should be used. During this time it’s advisable not to perform any aggressive cleaning procedures on the face.

The optimal number of procedures depends on the intensity of skin pigmentation. Usually 3 to 4 procedures are administered, each performed once a month. For retaining the effect its recommended to perform the toning each year, preferably during the autumn/winter season.