Others usually react to the results from this advanced therapy with an exclamation: Wow, you look so fresh and well-rested! The effect of this combination has proven itself time and time again. We have accurately pinpointed its duration and ratios for each one of its stages. The entire therapy will also be adapted to your specific dermatological and aesthetic needs.

The benefits of a combined approach

The laser beams’ rejuvenation effect, as well as the possibility for their dose to be fine-tuned via precise medical equipment have widely opened the doors of dermatological science, offering more comprehensive solutions. Due to having varied levels of depth penetration, laser beams are able to reach different dermal layers, strengthening and stimulating specific processes occurring there. Using radiofrequency optimizes these processes and initiates a healthy metabolism that becomes self-driven afterwards. This elegant “prompt”, combined with activating the revitalizing processes in the skin, has the potential to develop into long-term stimulation of essential characteristics such as elasticity, hydration, and regenerative potential.

What does the Good Morning package include?

This advanced therapy is a sequence of well-known aesthetic procedures which have been adapted to achieve the necessary duration, intensity, and saturation:

Adapted 4D laser lifting using Fotona. This is the only therapy that allows treating all facial cutaneous layers and can reach the deepest ones by entering through the inside of the cheeks.

Using different laser operational modes, we can focus on achieving a distinct lifting effect. This procedure employs two types of laser beams with a different effect – pore constriction, treating redness and skin imperfections, noticeable tightening in the middle and lower sections of your face, softening wrinkles around the nose, mouth, eyes, and neck, deep exfoliation and clearing your complexion.

Exilis facial radiofrequency treatment. Enhances the tightening effect achieved by laser therapy and combines ultrasound waves for better lymph draining. It creates a dynamic in the cutaneous structures by driving its natural rejuvenation processes. The treatment is applied in the area of the cheekbones and around the eyes, where the laser has a skirting effect due to the necessity of protective goggles.

Cold peel. After revitalizing heat, the cold fine peeling gently removes any dead cells and cleanses your skin in depth.

Hydrating and calming mask. The final touch of this rejuvenation therapy is applying a mask to balance the treatment effects on your skin and to help your face return to its natural daily rhythm.

This therapy begins with a dermatological consultation with Ivan Peev, MD.

Total duration of the Good Morning! advanced therapy: 90 mins

Price: 900 BGN