Glow peel

The Glow Peel is one of the most innovative laser cosmetic procedures, combining both the effects of laser rejuvenation and laser peel-smoothing the skin, eliminating fine wrinkles, shrinking skin pores, evening out the tone and reducing the size of existing scars.

These results are achieved by two types of laser еmissions – Nd:YAG and Erb:YAG , combined in two-step procedure.

The Glow Peel is fast procedure which immediately gives fresh and youthful appeal to the face, along with removing the minor imperfections of the skin. All this can be done within 20 minutes, which with the absent downtime and recovery period, make the Glow Peel perfect lunch time procedure.

This laser treatment is done by two steps, which have proven synergic effect. First, the face is treated with Nd:YAG laser that reaches the deep layers of the skin and causes photothermal effect. This step stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin fibers, which exerts the rejuvenation. Afterwards, Erb:YAG laser is used, which targets the upper layers of the epidermis via photoevaporation that removes the dead cells, the so-called peel. Apart from the cleansing effect, this step also evens out the tan and reduces the size of existing scars.

The Glow Peel is done in two consecutive steps. First the face is cleaned, then safety glasses are put. The face is being treated with the Nd:YAG laser, during which warmth to the skin is felt. After this, Erb:YAG peel follows, which is felt like light stings. When the procedure is done, no special face care is needed, apart from applying sunscreen. The whole procedure is done in 30 minutes.

The procedure is not recommended for the pregnant and nursing and if active viral and/or bacterial infections on the face are present. This procedure is not recommended for photosensitive individuals. After the Glow Peel, skin redness appears, which resolves in a few hours.

When does the treatment take effect and how long does it last?

The effect is visible after few weeks and lasts for months. The results from the Glow Peel can be maintained by doing periodic procedures.

Apart from using sunscreen, no special care for the face is needed. Keeping away from strong direct sunlight 24 hours  after the procedure is recommended.

Optimal results are achieved after 3 procedures, done 3 weeks apart each. The is no limit to the total number of procedures.