Facial cleansing – why should we do it?

Stella Georgieva -medical beautician, Aestheline Clinic

Many articles have been written about facial cleansing, but we have prepared this one with the idea of answering frequently asked questions from our patients.

Why should we clean our face?

Our skin is constantly exposed to environmental pollutants. To this we must add its tendency to accumulate excess fatty secretion and dead cells on its surface. To keep it looking young and fresh, it is important to clean it properly.
Every day we wash our face with water, soap, various cleansing lotions and preparations, but in many cases they are not the most suitable and efficient products.
Cleansing procedures at a specialist take care of removing dirt stuck to the air, excess sebum and make-up residues for women, exfoliation (removal of “dead” cells from the surface of the epidermis), as well as cleaning of clogged pores and comedones (blackheads) dots) and milia (mini cysts, mostly around the eyes). A large percentage of facial skin problems, including acne and enlarged pores, are the result of unclean or improperly cleansed skin.
Therefore, regular facial cleansing is extremely important, especially in big cities, where the air is much more polluted and the skin retains significantly more impurities.

Difference between cleaning at home and at a beautician

The information on the packaging of most cosmetic products, including cleaning agents, is insufficiently comprehensive and accurate – the indications are more for advertising purposes (an example is how every hair shampoo says that it makes hair shiny, voluminous and nourished) . That is why it is recommended to consult a beautician regarding proper skin care at home.
In addition to a consultation, a visit to a beautician gives you the opportunity to do a deeper cleaning than at home. What you can do at home is to wash and tone the skin, exfoliate extremely superficially, but not deep clean the pores, and remove the comedones that have formed.
Think of regular professional facial care as you would of oral hygiene—brushing our teeth at home is no substitute for regular visits to the dentist for tartar removal. By the same logic, we must take care at home to maintain the effect of the procedure done for a longer time.

Differences in the skin of men and women

It is clear that men are more inclined to wash their car than undergo any cosmetic procedure. Even wrinkles don’t bother them. The only thing that can make them think about maintaining their skin is the appearance of unpleasant sensations on the face such as itching and dryness, as well as the presence of redness and pimples.

The characteristics of male skin are:

  • it has an increased secretion of the sebaceous glands, therefore it is also more oily in most cases#
  • the epidermis is thicker
  • daily shaving dries and irritates the skin
  • ingrown hairs are present

From what has been said, it is clear that men have no less need for regular skin cleaning. In addition to a pleasant feeling for the man himself, fresh and healthy male skin is attractive to the ladies.

Which skin type needs more care?

Due to enlarged pores and the tendency to accumulate more impurities in them, oily skin requires regular and disciplined care.
Although dry skin is less likely to form comedones and enlarged pores are not a problem, cleansing it is extremely important to keep it looking young and glowing. Her care is always aimed at preventing premature aging. Here, it is important to precisely select the products with which the procedures will be performed, so as not to provoke additional dehydration of the skin.

Age and skin cleansing

As we age, so does skin care. Often the skin type also changes, from normal to dry and from oily to combination to dry. After the age of 40, the emphasis is already on rejuvenating procedures, but daily cleansing of the face with the right products at home should not be missed.

How often should we clean our face at a specialist during the different seasons?

It is recommended to have our face cleaned by a specialist every month. In the summer, this can be done even twice a month, because in this season the viscosity of the sebum changes, which gives a feeling of oilier skin.
Professional cleaning of the face is a mandatory procedure before proceeding to various rejuvenating therapies, peelings and other apparatus procedures.

The advantages of a specialized Esteline dermatology clinic

The main advantage of a specialized dermatology clinic like Esteline over any of the numerous cosmetic studios is the level of professional training of the team. Cosmetic procedures are performed by a medical beautician who has a medical education and approaches each patient individually. At Esteline, the medical beautician and the dermatologist work as a team and offer patients a comprehensive solution to existing problems. The higher quality of services does not necessarily mean higher prices – a quick look at our price list will convince you that the prices are close to those of a beauty salon.