1. How do I book a lesson?
– The easiest way to book an appointment is by calling 02 405 8000 and 0988 15 61 61 or at the clinic. You can also inquire in the form for contacts on our website.

2. Do you only work with pre-booked classes?
– It is advisable to book an appointment in advance for an examination or procedure.

3. Do you have reception hours on weekends?
– Aestheline Clinic is open on Saturdays from 10:00 to 18:30. Sunday is a day off.

4. Can I combine my visit with more than one specialist at the clinic?
– Yes, you could meet several of our specialists within the one visit. We will help you to optimize your time and get the services you want. It is necessary to call at least a few days earlier.

5. Do you examine children and babies?
– Yes, our specialists have a wealth of experience and a diverse clientele. Regardless of age, if your child has a dermatological problem, do not do not hesitate to contact us.

6. Pre-consultation to determine the best procedure for you
is it paid?
– Consultations you can make with our specialist are paid. В the price list describes the prices for both primary and secondary Consultation. Free consultations are available for certain campaigns. You can keep an eye out for them on our website or Facebook page.

7. How can I contact a specialist about a specific issue?
– You can call 02 405 8000 or 0988 15 61 61 and we will put you in touch with the specific Specialist. You may need to wait if currently engaged with another client. If your questions do not have an element of urgency, you may ask for the specialist’s e-mail address. You will be contacted at the first Opportunity.

8. Is the clinic accessible for people with mobility problems, people in wheelchairs?
– The Aestheline Clinic is furnished and equipped according to modern standards for accessibility of the architectural environment. Next to the clinic, which is located in The Suite Hotel building is accessible by lift, except by staircase. From entering the hotel lobby until you reach any of the the clinic’s offices, you are assured of unhindered transportation. We also have bathroom facilities as required for wheelchair access. wheelchair.

9. Do you consult online?
– Our understanding is that a customer’s status is subject to a different type of Analysis. To get reliable advice from our specialists, it is necessary to visit the clinic.

10. Do you carry out home visits ?
– We do not offer such a service at this stage.

11. How do I get to the clinic?
– Aestheline Clinic is located in an easily accessible area, close to Studentska Polyclinic and UNWE. In the immediate vicinity of the clinic there are stops of public transport buses 94, 280, 294, 413. You can also use route lines 5 and 27. If you are travelling by car, the GPS coordinates of the clinics are: N 42.6532896 E 23.3459789

12. Can I use parking?
– The Aestheline Clinic is located in the Suite Hotel, which has a paid, indoor Parking. The first 20 minutes are free, after that there is a charge per hour.

13. Do you work with the Health Insurance Fund?
– For the time being, we do not work with the Health Insurance Fund. All types of services in the clinic are paid according to the price list.

14. Are the services offered by the clinic included in the supplementary health insurance packages?
– We do not currently maintain a comprehensive practice of relationships with supplemental health insurance funds and do not have contracts in place with such funds. We can issue you with an outpatient certificate and an invoice if the conditions of the Your fund allow it.

15. Can you issue me a sick note?
– No. A sick note can be issued by your GP.

16. Do you offer package prices?
– Yes, we are pleased to regularly offer our customers special package deals. These are based on our observations of demand for combinations of services. You can ask for them by phone
or at the clinic.

17. Can I pay for a package of treatments in 2 or 3 instalments?
– Our package offers have a combined price that is much more advantageous for the customer. For this reason, the package of treatments is paid for when they are started.

18. Do you offer deferred payment for your treatments?
– Our aim is to make things as easy as possible for the clients of Aestheline Clinic. We offer the possibility of staggered payment. We work with Medlease.

19. Can I pay by debit/credit card?
– The clinic has a POS-terminal device and works with the following cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners Club.

20. Do you issue invoices?
– Yes, we can issue you with an invoice or other type of supporting document. We are preparing the document after the procedure is completed.

21. Can you send a voucher COD to an address?
– Yeah. You need to contact us to request a voucher of what value you would like to be sent.