Don’t underestimate your ear problems

Dr. Ivan Peev

Dermatologist and medical manager of Esteline Clinic

Our ears are exposed to constant external influences such as sun, cold, heat, moisture, etc. All these skin-aggressive factors can cause a number of problems. There are more than 100 diseases of the auricle, and unfortunately, most of them are tumors. It is understandable that most people do not take enough care of this part of their body. But it is very important not to underestimate even seemingly small problems.
The patient complains of the appearance of hardening at the tip of the earlobe, which constantly causes him to comb and touch it.

To the untrained eye, this ear appears to be completely normal, but the small spot that is noticeable can hide a serious problem if measures are not taken in time. Squamous cell carcinoma is the second most common skin cancer on exposed parts exposed to direct sunlight. The most effective treatment in this case is its surgical removal, and interventions in this area are complex and require experience, which fortunately our surgeon Dr. Litov possesses. Manipulation is performed with local anesthetic (lidocaine). A very tolerable burning pain is felt during the injection itself, after which the site practically remains numb for more than an hour. The hard material is removed without disturbing the cartilage tissue, after which the wound is sutured with atraumatic aesthetic sutures of 0.1 mm/d thickness. antibiotic cream is applied and covered with an elastic breathable bandage.

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The entire manipulation is completed in 30 minutes. The patient was advised to keep the dressing from getting wet for a minimum of 2 days. After the second day came for her replacement replacement and revision of the wound.


The result is visible after removing the sutures and is excellent – practically no change in the shape of the earlobe is noticeable. The redness will subside within a week or two, and after a few months there will be practically no trace of the surgical intervention. The patient is extremely satisfied with the result and no longer feels the unpleasant hardening of the tip of the ear. In his case, the histological result showed a slight atypia (change) of the cells, which justified our treatment and made us even more satisfied with a job well done.

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