BTL – medical equipment

Founded in 1993, BTL is a leader in the development and manufacture of medical equipment. The company has a product line in aesthetic medicine. It includes technologies for body shaping, fat reduction, as well as the most advanced systems for skin tightening, cellulite reduction, unwanted hair removal, face lifting and more.

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HydraFacial MD

The creators of the HydraFacialMD® technology are the California company Edge Systems. It was founded in 1997, focusing on innovative technologies. He holds numerous patents in the field of medicine. HydraFacial MD® has already entered the market in over 75 countries worldwide.

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Uriage – skin care

Since its establishment in 1992, the French company Uriage offers a wide selection of topical products for exceptional skin care with internationally recognized dermatological expertise. It is one of the leading dermo-cosmetic brands internationally. Its great success is based on the investment in its products of the Uriage thermal water springing at the foot of the Belladonna mountains. It has been known since Roman times for its healing properties.

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Medik8 – laboratory in London

The history of Medik8 began in 2004. A group of pharmacologists and biochemists joined forces at the Pangia research laboratory in London to create a unique cosmetic line. They use the latest scientific achievements in Europe and the USA, which they supplement and develop with their patented scientific discoveries and create cosmetic products of a new generation.



Since its inception, WeyergansHighCare® has focused on the development and production of medical and cosmetic devices. A pioneer in the cosmetics industry, the founder of the company, Rudolf Weyergans, developed in 1980. the first device in the company’s rich portfolio. Since then, through constant innovation, the company has developed a wide range of devices specialized in the treatment of cellulite and other skin imperfections on the body and face. Weyergans High Care® products are manufactured in Germany, which guarantees their high quality.


Belotero – hyaluronic acid

Belotero is a series of monophasic products with high density, containing hyaluronic acid of natural origin, produced according to the unique CPM (Cohesive Polydensified Matrix) technology. They were created by the German pharmaceutical giant MerzPharmaceuticals, which has an established name and over 100 years of history. . Belotero won the prestigious “Best Injectable Product of the Year” award at the Aesthetics Awards 2014 in London.