Biorevitalization is used to counter the processes of skin photoaging which is defined by loss of volume and the appearance of wrinkles. The effects of biorevitalization are achieved by specific amino acids which are contained in the products used for the procedure. When injected into the dermis they stimulate the fibroblasts to synthetize collagen and elastin which are the main dermal proteins. Some of the amino acids are also used directly in the structure of the collagen, which further enhances the natural processes of skin rejuvenation. This is the reason why the biorevitalization is the main procedure in the anti-age therapies.

The existence of two separate products for biorevitalization – Jalupro classic and Jalupro HMW allows targeting all age groups – from faces with initial signs of photoage to ones with moderate to severe wrinkles and loss of volume. Both products can be used for men and women. Depending on the specific products, they can also be used for skin hydration, treatment of scars and stretch marks, pre- and postoperative recovery.

The main difference between the two Jalupro products is the amount of hyaluronic acid, which gives the effects of skin hydration and volume substitution at the desired places. Jalupro HWM is with greater hyaluronic acid content, which makes it appropriate for faces with moderate to severe signs of photo ageing and wrinkles.

The application of both the products is mildly painful, injection procedure which is done by very small needle. The slight discomfort of the pricks can be minimized by the application of anesthetic crème before the procedure. For best results, these injectable products could be combined with the homecare Jalupro products – cosmetics and food supplements composed of the same amino acids.

Before the injections, the face could be anesthetized with crème, which is left for about 15 minutes for its effect to take place. The duration of the procedure itself is about 30 minutes and is made up of multiple superficial pricks in the desired zones, aiming at the even distribution of the product in the dermis.

The procedure should be avoided in pregnant and breastfeeding, in individuals with epilepsy, known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid and to those predisposed to formation of hypertrophic scars and keloids. If there is known use of anticoagulants and antiaggregants, their use should be stopped 3 days before the biorevitalization, if the medical condition allows it. The procedure is contraindicated in active inflammatory and infectious facial skin diseases.

Immediate effect after the procedure is facial hydration, which is accomplished by the hyaluronic acid content, that is higher in Jalupro HMW. Wrinkles correction and volume loss substitution are achieved over time, yielding maximal results after several weeks to few months after the procedure. The duration of the effect could be kept up to a year, if proper face care is taken.

Regardless of the biorevitalizant type used, 4 consequent procedures are recommended and for optimal results, 6 procedures should be done, each separated by one to two weeks. Two such courses are recommended each year.