AestheLine Clinic is a joint effort by established specialists in the fields of dermatology, aesthetics, and obstetrics and gynecology. We are brought together by the concept that expert skills and innovative technology, when combined properly, are a powerful tool to achieve genuine, lasting results.

Our philosophy is distinctly related to the concept of aesthetics as a combination of values, principles, and lifestyle choices. It is our understanding that each person’s individuality and potential should be focal when choosing the services which affect your health and aesthetic needs.

That’s why our measurable results scale is also AestheLine’s motto: Health, Beauty, Harmony.

Aesthetics is a field of medicine that builds upon the aspiration to achieve a healthy body using the individual's ability to unlock their true potential. Therefore, to be able to recommend the right therapy mix, it is imperative that I familiarize myself with each patient's specifics, wishes, and lifestyle. For me and AestheLine's team, beauty is comprised of qualities that can be highlighted via innovative equipment and using safe, noninvasive methods. Beauty is a path to harmony. And we can get there together!

Ivan Peev, MD, AestheLine Dermatology Head and Medical Manager