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“360° Beauty” is a procedure that every woman deserves to give herself.

The treatment is inspired and designed to help you realize your DREAM for your appearance.

The dream of healthy, radiant and smooth skin can become a reality.

With our knowledge and skills in aesthetic dermatology and with patience, willingness and persistence from you, we can achieve great results.

All you have to do is trust our team of experienced professionals who will work to make your dream a reality!

We start with the ASSESSMENT of the skin condition

We perform 3D skin analysis using high quality Visia equipment. Through it we assess the anatomy, proportions and condition of the skin. We find out what skin problems she is prone to. The device allows us to peer into both the superficial layer of the epidermis and those in depth.

Moving on to a detailed ANALYSIS

With the necessary information about the type, type and problems of your skin, we can make a detailed analysis. We establish interrelationships of individual facial structures, vectors and hidden areas. Then, taking into account your needs and wishes, we start preparing an individual aesthetic plan.

We proceed to the preparation of the PLAN

The individual aesthetic plan is fully tailored to your specific features. It includes a complex of methods and procedures to achieve a lasting, aesthetic result that will preserve your individuality, but also allow you to feel more beautiful and happier.

We give you as much information as possible about each procedure we do and we draw up a timetable for carrying it out and monitoring the results over time.

We include the most important thing – CARE

You should not forget that you also play an important role in maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. Your persistence will help to maintain the results we achieve.

In the individual aesthetic plan we will include:

  • home care tips to take;
  • appropriate products to use to retain results;
  • follow-up, maintenance and upgrade.

Book your appointment for “360° Beauty” and turn your DREAM into reality with the help of Aestheline Dermatology Clinic!